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11 May 2017

Investors and Exploiters in Ecology and Economics - Principles and Applications

Philipp Heeb


In the natural world, some agents (investors) employ strategies that provide resources, services, or information, while others (exploiters) gain advantages through these efforts. This behavior coexists and can be observed in many species and at many levels. For example, bacteria depend on the existence of biofilms to synthesize constituent proteins; cancerous cells employ angiogenesis to feed a tumor; and parents forgo vaccinating their children yet benefit from herd immunity. Two independent research traditions have developed to analyze this behavior—one couched in evolutionary theory championed by behavioral ecologists, the other in social science concepts advocated by economists. In this book experts from economics, evolutionary biology, behavioral ecology, public health, and anthropology look for commonalities in understanding and approach.

The contributors consider parasitic strategies in ecological and economic terms; the governance of natural resources, with insights from “producer-scrounger models,” forest management, and game theory; human health, discussing therapeutic opportunities, public health economics, and the integration of perspectives; and behavioral, social, and institutional consequences of exploitation strategies.

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11 May 2017

La planète est plus « verte » qu’on ne le pensait [Le Monde - Biodiversité]

Interview de Jerôme Chave

Une étude internationale révèle que les régions arides recèlent d’importantes zones boisées. Le couvert forestier mondial serait environ 10 % plus étendu qu’estimé.

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9 May 2017

CP - Réchauffement climatique : la flore microbienne en danger ?

Julien Cote, Joël White

Les effets néfastes du changement climatique sur les espèces du microbiote intestinal1 d’un lézard viennent d’être mis en évidence par des chercheurs du laboratoire Évolution et diversité biologique de Toulouse (CNRS/Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier/ENSFEA/IRD), de la Station d’écologie théorique et expérimentale (CNRS/Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier) et de l’Université d’Exeter (Grande-Bretagne)2. Cette nouvelle étude à paraître dans la revue Nature Ecology & Evolution démontre l’urgence de mieux comprendre l’impact du climat sur les relations entre espèces afin de les protéger plus efficacement.

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21 April 2017

Welcome Julien Cote - new SE [Oïkos]

We have the great pleasure to welcome Julien Cote, University of Toulouse, France, to our Editorial Board. Get to know him on his website and in the interview below:

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13 April 2017

[Seminar] Teaching agroecology: methods and outstanding initiatives (ENSFEA - Toulouse)

Alexandra Magro & Jean-Louis Hemptinne

This seminar is meant to favour the exchange of practices and dissemination of active learning. It also prepares the ERASMUS + ISSAE closing meeting, by defining political guidelines that will be presented and discussed on that occasion. It will take place in Toulouse (France) next April 2017: 26th afternoon and 27th morning. The seminar is addressed to teachers, professors, and staff in charge of educational planning and organisation in higher institutions of education and agricultural secondary schools. It will bring together 62 people (50 from France and 3 people per partner country). The official language of the Seminar is English, but simultaneous translation will be provided.

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