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23 June 2016

[Download] Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas

The Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas is a collection of images, text, and figures presenting the importance of soil biology to policy makers, experts, and general readers alike. Key highlights include:

* Soil biodiversity supports many services essential to human beings including: plant growth, water and climate regulation, and disease control among others.
* Soil biodiversity is increasingly under threats due to several pressures acting on soils.
* Interventions to reduce the impact of threats to soil biodiversity are available and should be widely adopted.
* Policies to protect and value soil biodiversity are still at an early stage and need to be further developed.

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23 June 2016

Papillons du monde

Des spectaculaires voiliers, apollons, morphos et ornithoptères, aux discrets satyres, piérides, hespéries et lycènes, ce guide présente toutes les familles de papillons et s’attache à décrire les caractéristiques propres à ces familles, sous-familles, tribus et genres. Adrian Hoskins, spécialiste mondialement reconnu, propose un panorama complet et à la pointe des connaissances, abordant de nombreux aspects : origines, évolution, anatomie, cycle de vie, écologie, taxonomie, stratégies de survie, comportement migratoire...

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22 June 2016

Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology, 2nd Edition

Fluvial Geomorphology studies the biophysical processes acting in rivers, and the sediment patterns and landforms resulting from them. It is a discipline of synthesis, with roots in geology, geography, and river engineering, and with strong interactions with allied fields such as ecology, engineering and landscape architecture. This book comprehensively reviews tools used in fluvial geomorphology, at a level suitable to guide the selection of research methods for a given question. Presenting an integrated approach to the interdisciplinary nature of the subject, it provides guidance for researchers and professionals on the tools available to answer questions on river restoration and management.
Thoroughly updated since the first edition in 2003 by experts in their subfields, the book presents state-of-the-art tools that have revolutionized fluvial geomorphology in recent decades, such as physical and numerical modelling, remote sensing and GIS, new field techniques, advances in dating, tracking and sourcing, statistical approaches as well as more traditional methods such as the systems framework, stratigraphic analysis, form and flow characterisation and historical analysis.

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14 June 2016

[Download] Living Amazon Report 2016

Dans son dernier rapport intitulé Living Amazon Report 2016, le WWF révèle une augmentation inquiétante du nombre d’opérations ayant occasionné en toute légalité la dégradation, la réduction des effectifs et le déclassement des aires protégées.

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10 June 2016

Fourmis d’Europe occidentale

Le Premier guide complet d’Europe

Ce guide de terrain présente plus de 400 espèces de fourmis d’Europe occidentale : description, répartition, confusions possibles, habitat et biologie. Jamais un tel travail de collecte n’avait été publié, sous quelque forme que ce soit. Une introduction complète initie à la vie et aux mœurs des fourmis. Elle fournit une clé d’identification de terrain et une clé d’identification morphologique des ouvrières. Près de 600 photos montrent ces insectes sociaux en gros plan et dans leur habitat.

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