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A DNA Barcoding system integrating multigene sequence data [Methods in Ecology and Evolution]

Keywords : biodiversity monitoring, metagenomics, species clustering

par Frédéric Magné - publié le , mis à jour le

1 A number of systems have been developed for taxonomic identification of DNA sequence data. However, in eukaryotes, these systems are largely based on single predefined genes, and thus are vulnerable to biases from limited character sampling, and are not able to identify most sequences of genomic origin.
2 We here demonstrate an implementation for multigene DNA barcoding. First, a reference framework is built of frequently sequenced loci. Query sequence data are then organized by excising sequences homologous to references and assigning species names where the level of sequence similarity between query and reference falls within the (gene-appropriate) level of intraspecific variation usually observed. The approach is compared to some existing methods including ‘bagpipe_phylo’, a re-implementation for taxonomic assignment on phylogenies.(...)

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