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A Novel Large-Scale Temperature Dominated Model for Predicting the End of the Growing Season [Plos One]

Subject Areas : leaves, Northern Hemisphere, forests, grasslands, biosphere, shrubs, trees, seasons

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Vegetation phenology regulates many ecosystem processes and is an indicator of the biological responses to climate change. It is important to model the timing of leaf senescence accurately, since the canopy duration and carbon assimilation are strongly determined by the timings of leaf senescence. However, the existing phenology models are unlikely to accurately predict the end of the growing season (EGS) on large scales, resulting in the misrepresentation of the seasonality and interannual variability of biosphere–atmosphere feedbacks and interactions in coupled global climate models. In this paper, we presented a novel large-scale temperature dominated model integrated with the physiological adaptation of plants to the local temperature to assess the spatial pattern and interannual variability of the EGS.(...)

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