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A critical evaluation of science outreach via social media: its role and impact on scientists [F1000Research]

by Frédéric Magné - published on

The role of scientists in social media and its impact on their careers are not fully
explored. While policies and best practices are still fluid, it is concerning that
discourse is often based on little to no data, and some arguments directly
contradict the available data. Here, we consider the relevant but subjective
questions about social media for science outreach (SOSM), specifically: (1)
Does a public relations nightmare exist for science?; (2) Why (or why aren’t)
scientists engaging in social media?; (3) Are scientists using social media
well?; and (4) Will social media benefit a scientist’s career? We call for the
scientific community to create tangible plans that value, measure, and help
manage scientists’ social media engagement.

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