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A global synthesis of the effects of diversified farming systems on arthropod diversity within fields and across agricultural landscapes [Global Change Biology]

Keywords : agricultural management schemes, arthropod diversity, biodiversity, evenness, functional groups, landscape complexity, meta-analysis, organic farming, plant diversity

par Frédéric Magné - publié le , mis à jour le

Agricultural intensification is a leading cause of global biodiversity loss, which can reduce the provisioning of ecosystem services in managed ecosystems. Organic farming and plant diversification are farm management schemes that may mitigate potential ecological harm by increasing species richness and boosting related ecosystem services to agroecosystems. What remains unclear is the extent to which farm management schemes affect biodiversity components other than species richness, and whether impacts differ across spatial scales and landscape contexts. Using a global metadataset, we quantified the effects of organic farming and plant diversification on abundance, local diversity (communities within fields), and regional diversity (communities across fields) of arthropod pollinators, predators, herbivores, and detritivores.(...)

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