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A practical guide for inferring reliable dominance hierarchies and estimating their uncertainty [Journal of Animal Ecology]

Keywords : agonistic interactions, behavioural sampling, dyad, hierarchy uncertainty, probabilistic approach, ranking method, social status

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.Many animal social structures are organized hierarchically, with dominant individuals monopolizing resources. Dominance hierarchies have received great attention from behavioural and evolutionary ecologists.
2.There are many methods for inferring hierarchies from social interactions. Yet, there are no clear guidelines about how many observed dominance interactions (i.e. sampling effort) are necessary for inferring reliable dominance hierarchies, nor are there any established tools for quantifying their uncertainty.
3.In this study, we simulate interactions (winners and losers) in scenarios of varying steepness (the probability that a dominant defeats a subordinate based on their difference in rank). (...)

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