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A test of the effects of timing of a pulsed resource subsidy on stream ecosystems [Journal of Animal Ecology]

Keywords : allochthonous input, ecosystem function, functional response, numerical respons, nutrient recycling, riparian ecosystem, temporal subsidy

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.Spatial resource subsidies can alter bottom-up and top-down forces of community regulation across ecosystem boundaries. Most subsidies are temporally variable, and recent theory has suggested that consumer-resource dynamics can be stabilized if the peak timing of a subsidy is desynchronized with that of prey productivity in the recipient ecosystem. However, magnitude of consumer responses per se could depend on the subsidy timing, which may be a critical component for community dynamics and ecosystem processes.
2.The aim of this study was to test whether a recipient consumer (cutthroat trout) responds differently to a resource subsidy occurring early in its growing season than to a subsidy occurring late in the season and, if this is the case, whether the timing-dependent consumer response has cascading effects on communities and ecosystem functions in streams.(...)

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