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Besnard Guillaume



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Research topics

  • Phylogeography and domestication of the olive tree

During last two years, I focused on the olive phylogeography. The main objectives are to reconstruct the past and recent histories of the wild olive populations in order to give new insights on the origins of the cultivated Mediterranean olive forms. I’m also investigating the dynamic of wild olive populations in the saharan mountains, and in Australia (invaded range).

  • Multiple evolution of C4 photosythtic trait in Poales

I’m interested by the evolution of adaptive traits, and particularly multiple evolutions of the C4 photosynthesis in Poales. Using a phylogenetic approach, I study the evolution of C4 genes and the positive selection following their recruitment for the new function.

  • Diverisfication of the Malgasy flora

I’m investigating the evolutionary history of Madagascar lineages in order to elucidate the radiation of clades belonging to the Oleaceae and Poaceae families. Based on the diversification of C4 grass lineages, the origin of open habitats in Madagascar will be addressed.

Curriculum vitae

2008-2010. Associate researcher, Silwood Park Campus (Imperial College)

2003-2008. First assistant . Lausanne University (Depart. Ecol. & Evol.)

2001-2003. Post-doc. University of Nancy I (UMR INRA/UHP 1136)

2000-2001. Teaching Researcher. University of Saint-Denis (La Reunion Isl.)

1996-1999. PhD in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology. INRA Montpellier

1994-1995. Master. University of Montpellier II

PUBLICATIONS (selection)

1. Besnard G, Hernandez P, Khadari B, Dorado G, Savolainen V (2011) Genomic profiling of plastid DNA variation in the Mediterranean olive tree. BMC Plant Biology, accepted with minor revisions.

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4. Besnard G, Muasya AM, Russier F, Roalson EH, Salamin N, Christin PA (2009) Phylogenomics of C4 photosynthesis in sedges (Cyperaceae) : multiple appearances and genetic convergence. Molecular Biology and Evolution 26 : 1909-1919.

5. Besnard G, Basic N, Christin PA, Savova-Bianchi D, Galland N (2009) Thlaspi caerulescens (Brassicaceae) population genetics in western Switzerland : Is the genetic structure affected by natural variation of soil heavy metal concentrations ? New Phytologist 181 : 974-984.

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