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Biodiversity and rarity distributions of native freshwater fish in an agricultural landscape : the importance of β diversity between and within water-body types [Aquatic Conservation]

Keywords : agriculture, biodiversity, fish, floodplain, special area of conservation, wetland

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.Farmland expansion is a growing threat to aquatic biodiversity. Identifying conservation priority areas in agricultural landscapes is a key issue in freshwater ecology and information on the spatial variability of aquatic biodiversity is vital for prioritization. This study examined patterns of farmland fish assemblages across various water-body types in northern Japan to develop an effective management plan for freshwater fishes.
2.Water bodies were classified into five types : small lowland streams, small upland streams, large rivers, man-made ditches, and wetland ponds, and native fishes were collected from each type. The contribution of fish diversity between water-body types (β2) to the regional fish diversity (γ) was investigated through additive diversity partitioning. Within each water-body type, the contributions of between-site diversity (β1) and within-site diversity (α1) were also examined. The assemblage composition, species richness, and rarity were compared among the water-body types.(...)

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