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CSR ecological strategies and plant mating systems : outcrossing increases with competitiveness but stress-tolerance is related to mixed mating [Oikos]

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

A number of plant traits influence the success of fertilization and reproduction in plants. Collectively these traits represent ecological syndromes that are of evolutionary significance. However, while an association between mating system and colonizing ability has been proposed, the existence of a broader relationship between mating system and a species’ position in ecological succession has not been extensively investigated. Grime’s CSR theory stresses that an ecological succession can involve changes from colonizing to either competitive or stress-tolerant strategies. How distinct dimensions of competitiveness and stress tolerance covary with mating systems has still not been considered. We designed a comparative approach to evaluate the link between mating system, life form and CSR strategies for 1996 herbaceous and woody species.(...)

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