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Causes and consequences of repeatability, flexibility and individual fine-tuning of migratory timing in pike [Journal of Animal Ecology]

Keywords : adaptive flexibility, fish, fitness, individual consistency, phenology, phenotypic plasticity, spawning migration, viability selection

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.Many organisms undertake migrations between foraging and breeding habitats and while it is assumed that reproductive timing affects fitness, little is known about the degree of individual consistency, and about the causes and consequences of individual variation in migratory timing in organisms other than birds.
2.Here, we report on a 6-year mark–recapture study, including 2048 individuals, of breeding migration in anadromous pike (Esox lucius), an iteroparous top-predatory fish that displays homing behaviour. By repeated sampling across years at a breeding site, we first quantify individual variation both within and between breeding events and then investigate phenotypic correlates and fitness consequences of arrival timing to the breeding site.(...)

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