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Changes in nutrient concentrations of leaves and roots in response to global change factors [Global Change Biology]

Keywords : CO2, drought, ecological stoichiometry, N deposition, N:P, nitrogen, phosphorus

par Frédéric Magné - publié le , mis à jour le

Global change impacts on biogeochemical cycles have been widely studied, but our understanding of whether the responses of plant elemental composition to global change drivers differ between above- and belowground plant organs remains incomplete. We conducted a meta-analysis of 201 reports including 1,687 observations of studies that have analyzed simultaneously N and P concentrations changes in leaves and roots in the same plants in response to drought, elevated [CO2], and N and P fertilization around the world, and contrasted the results within those obtained with a general database (838 reports and 14,772 observations) that analyzed the changes in N and P concentrations in leaves and/or roots of plants submitted to the commented global change drivers.(...)

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