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Chromosomal inversion differences correlate with range overlap in passerine birds [Nature Ecology & Evolution]

Keywords : evolutionary theory, phylogenetics, speciation

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Chromosomal inversions evolve frequently but the reasons for this remain unclear. We used cytological descriptions of 411 species of passerine birds to identify large pericentric inversion differences between species, based on the position of the centromere. Within 81 small clades comprising 284 of the species, we found 319 differences on the 9 largest autosomes combined, 56 on the Z chromosome, and 55 on the W chromosome. We also identified inversions present within 32 species. Using a new fossil-calibrated phylogeny, we examined the phylogenetic, demographic and genomic context in which these inversions have evolved.(...)

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