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Climate and topography explain range sizes of terrestrial vertebrates [Nature climate change]

Subject terms : climate-change ecology, conservation biology

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Identifying the factors that influence range sizes of species provides important insight into the distribution of biodiversity1, and is crucial for predicting shifts in species ranges in response to climate change2, 3, 4. Current climate (for example, climate variability and climate extremes)5, 6, long-term climate change4, evolutionary age2, topographic heterogeneity, land area3, 7 and species traits such as physiological thermal limits8, dispersal ability9, annual fecundity and body size3, 10 have been shown to influence range size. Yet, few studies have examined the generality of each of these factors among different taxa, or have simultaneously evaluated the strength of relationships between range size and these factors at a global scale.(...)

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