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Comte Lise


PhD Student

Icone contact Email

Icone telephone +33 (0)5 61 55 67 35

**Research interests

My research aims at assessing the impacts of global changes on freshwater ecosystems, in particular on stream fish. Freshwater ecosystems are facing multiple human-induced changes and ectothermic organisms such as stream fish are predicted to be strongly affected by climate warming. In this context, I’m interested in assessing how climate change and the potential interacting effects of other anthropogenic disturbances have affected the spatial distribution of stream fish in France during the last decades. Finally, as a better understanding of the process of range shifts are needed to be able
to develop a predictive framework for vulnerability assessments, I’m also interested in understanding how biological and ecological characteristics of species are linked to observed changes in distribution through the identification of vulnerability traits.

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Comte L. & Grenouillet G. (2013). Do stream fish track climate change ? Assessing distribution shifts in recent decades. Ecography 36 : 1236-1246.

Comte L. & Grenouillet G. (2013). Species distribution modelling and imperfect detection : comparing occupancy versus consensus methods. Diversity and Distributions 8 : 996–1007.

Comte, L., Buisson, L., Daufresne, M. & Grenouillet, G. (2013), Climate-induced changes in the distribution of freshwater fish : observed and predicted trends. Freshwater Biology 58 : 625–639.

Comte, L., Lek, S., de Deckere, E., de Zwart, D. & Gevrey, M. (2010). Assessment of stream biological responses under multiple-stress conditions. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 17 : 1469-1478.

Gevrey, M., Comte, L., de Zwart, D., de Deckere, E., Lek, S. (2010). Modeling the chemical and toxic water status of the Scheldt basin (Belgium), using aquatic invertebrate assemblages and an advanced modeling method. Environmental Pollution 158 : 3209-3218.