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Considering the Influence of Nonadaptive Evolution on Primate Color Vision [Plos One]

Subject Areas : color vision, lemurs, heterozygosity, primates, population genetics, microsatellite loci, polymerase chain reaction, alleles

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Color vision in primates is variable across species, and it represents a rare trait in which the genetic mechanisms underlying phenotypic variation are fairly well-understood. Research on primate color vision has largely focused on adaptive explanations for observed variation, but it remains unclear why some species have trichromatic or polymorphic color vision while others are red-green color blind. Lemurs, in particular, are highly variable. While some species are polymorphic, many closely-related species are strictly dichromatic. We provide the first characterization of color vision in a wild population of red-bellied lemurs(...)

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