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Research interests

Understanding the relationships between biological diversity and ecosystem functioning is a central question of modern ecology. This problematic is even more crucial that human activities such as water abstraction, flow regulation, shifts in agricultural practices, climate changes and biological invasions are affecting simultaneously biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and their complex interactions. Yet, our ability to determine how ecosystems may respond to such changes is limited, despite ecologists frequently being requested to provide policy makers and managers with predictions. Understanding the consequences of human activities is crucial to link our theoretical perception of ecology to the applied necessity to quantify and predict the effects of these activities on population, community and ecosystem-level processes.

Recent advances in theoretical ecology have demonstrated how biodiversity strongly affects the structural and functional characteristics of ecosystems, governing the amplitude of ecosystem processes such as primary productivity and nutrient cycling and acting as a source of stability for ecosystems facing natural and human perturbations. Additionally, the alteration of biodiversity can affect the structure of food webs and create cascading effects that can impact ecosystem functioning. In this context, my research aims at understanding the relationship(s) between biological diversity (analyzed at different level of biological organization) and ecosystem functioning in fresh waters and on determining the interacting effects of human activities.


Community dynamics, food-web structure, trophic subsidies, biological invasions, stable isotope analyses, freshwater fishes, inter-individual variability.


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Some recent publications :

Cucherousset J. & Olden J.D. 2011. Ecological impacts of non-native freshwater fishes. Fisheries 36:215–230.
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Britton J.R., Cucherousset J., Davies G.D., Godard M.J. & Copp G.H. 2010. Non-native fishes and climate change : predicting species responses to warming temperatures in a temperate region. Freshwater Biology 55:1130–1141.
Cucherousset J., Britton J.R., Beaumont W.R.C., Nyqvist M., Sievers K. & Gozlan R.E. 2010. Determining the effects of species, environmental conditions and tracking method on the detection efficiency of portable PIT telemetry. Journal of Fish Biology 76 : 1039–1045.
Syväranta J., Cucherousset J., Kopp D., Crivelli A., Céréghino R. & Santoul F. 2010. Dietary breadth and trophic position of introduced European catfish Silurus glanis in the River Tarn (Garonne River basin), southwest France. Aquatic Biology 8 : 137–144
Cucherousset J., Copp G.H., Fox M.G., Sterud E. van Kleef H.H., Verreycken H. & Záhorska E. 2009. Life-history traits and potential invasiveness of introduced pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus populations in northwestern Europe. Biological Invasions 11 : 2171-2180.
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Cucherousset J., Paillisson J.-M., Cuzol A. & Roussel J.-M. 2009. Spatial behaviour of young-of-the-year northern pike (Esox lucius) in a temporarily flooded nursery area. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 18 : 314-322.
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Cucherousset J., Marty P., Pelozuelo L. & Roussel J.-M. 2008. Portable PIT detector as a new tool for non-disruptively locating individually tagged amphibians in the field : a case study with Pyrenean brook salamanders (Calotriton asper). Wildlife Research 35 : 780-787.
Cucherousset J., Aymes J.C., Poulet N., Santoul F., & Céréghino R. 2008. Do native brown trout and non-native brook trout interact reproductively ? Naturwissenschaften 95:647-654. 
Cucherousset J., Carpentier A. & Paillisson J.-M. 2008. Selective use and spatial distribution of native and non-native species in temporarily flooded habitats. River Research Applications 24:1240-1250.