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Direct interactions between invasive plants and native pollinators : evidence, impacts and approaches [Functional Ecology]

Keywords : community, experimental design, flower visitors, nutrition, plant invasion, plant-pollinator interaction network, pollination

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.Invasive non-native plants form interactions with native species, and have the potential to cause direct and indirect impacts on those species, as well as the functioning of invaded ecosystems.
2.Many entomophilous invasive plants form interactions with resident pollinators ; sometimes these interactions are necessary for the reproductive success of the invader. However, the direct role native pollinators play in plant invasion is not well understood, and varies according to invasive plant traits, including breeding system and pollination syndrome.
3.The majority of studies addressing impacts on plant-pollinator mutualisms have focussed on the indirect impacts of plant invasion for native plant pollination. Fewer studies have focussed on the direct effects of invasive plants on native flower visitors.(...)

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