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Drying as a primary hydrological determinant of biodiversity in river systems : a broad-scale analysis [Ecography]

Keywords : hydrology, invertebrates, dispersal, insects

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Determining and understanding relationships between biodiversity and hydrology is a critical goal in ecology, particularly given biodiversity in the freshwater realm is in crisis. Despite the prevalence of rivers experiencing natural drying disturbances (which we collectively refer to as intermittent rivers), and projections of increased frequency and duration of drying events, the importance of drying relative to other flow-related determinants of river biodiversity remains understudied. We assessed the influence of drying on alpha- and beta-diversity using discharge and macroinvertebrate data collated from Australia and southwest Europe over broad spatial and temporal scales, providing information on current and past drying events, and combining a wide variety of flow metrics.(...)

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