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Effects of plant and pollinator traits on the maintenance of a food deceptive species within a plant community [Oïkos]

par Frédéric Magné - publié le , mis à jour le

Model-mimic plant systems are well known. However, the conditions promoting the existence of such systems are still an enigma. We suggest that by focusing on floral similarity between model and mimic, reward levels offered by models, and pollinators’ ability to adjust foraging accordingly, the conditions can be better understood. Using spatially-explicit modelling, we examined trait combinations that lead to the survival of deceptive species under a large range of mimic strategies, from Batesian mimicry to general food deception. Unlike previous models studying such systems, we examined model-mimic interactions in the presence of a third, dissimilar species, thus generating a more realistic scenario where pollinators may avoid the model-mimic system altogether.(...)

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