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Evangelista Charlotte


PhD student

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Supervisors : Julien Cucherousset (EDB, Toulouse) and Antoine Lecerf (Ecolab, Toulouse)

Research interests : intraspecific variability, trophic specialization, stable isotope analyses, ecosystem functioning, invasive species, freshwater ecosystem


  • Lecerf, A., Evangelista, C., Cucherousset, J., and Boiché, A. (2016). Riparian overstory–understory interactions and their potential implications for forest-stream linkages. Forest Ecology and Management doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2016.02.031.
  • Evangelista, C., Britton, J.R., and Cucherousset, J. (2015). Impacts of invasive fish removal through angling on population characteristics and juvenile growth rate. Ecology and Evolution 5(11), 2193–2202.
  • Evangelista, C., Boiche, A., Lecerf, A., and Cucherousset, J. (2014). Ecological opportunities and intraspecific competition alter trophic niche specialization in an opportunistic stream predator. Journal of Animal Ecology 83, 1025–1034.

Oral communications

  • Evangélista C., Lecerf A., & Cucherousset J. The ecological consequences of nutrient-mediated effects caused by intraspecific trophic variability, SEFS, Geneva (Switzerland), July 2015.
  • Evangélista C., Lecerf A., Boiché A. & Cucherousset J. The ecological consequences of individual trophic specialisation in human altered ecosystems, Isoecol, Brest (France), August 2012.