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Functional consequences of plant-animal interactions along the mutualism-antagonism gradient [Ecology]

Keywords : antagonist, bird pollination, Canary Islands, female reproductive success, individual-based pollination networks, interaction strength, isoplexis canariensis, mating network, mutualist

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Plant-animal interactions are pivotal for ecosystem functioning, and usually form complex networks involving multiple species of mutualists as well as antagonists. The costs and benefits of these interactions show a strong context-dependency directly related to individual variation in partner identity and differential strength. Yet understanding the context-dependency and functional consequences of mutualistic and antagonistic interactions on individuals remains a lasting challenge. We use a network approach to characterize the individual, plant-based pollination interaction networks of the Canarian Isoplexis canariensis (Plantaginaceae) with a mixed assemblage of vertebrate mutualists (birds and lizards) and invertebrate antagonists (florivores, nectar larcenists, and predispersal seed predators).(...)

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