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Global meta-analysis of native and nonindigenous trophic traits in aquatic ecosystems [Global Change Biology]

Keywords : biological invasions, comparative studies, effect size, freshwater, invasive species, marine, range expansion, range shift

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Ecologists have recently devoted their attention to the study of species traits and their role in the establishment and spread of nonindigenous species (NIS). However, research efforts have mostly focused on studies of terrestrial taxa, with lesser attention being dedicated to aquatic species. Aquatic habitats comprise of interconnected waterways, as well as exclusive introduction vectors that allow unparalleled artificial transport of species and their propagules. Consequently, species traits that commonly facilitate biological invasions in terrestrial systems may not be as represented in aquatic environments. We provide a global meta-analysis of studies conducted in both marine and freshwater habitats.(...)

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