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Herbivore-induced changes in flower scent and morphology affect the structure of flower-visitor networks but not plant reproduction [Oikos]

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Herbivory induces various responses in plants, thus altering the plants’ phenotype in chemical and morphological traits. Herbivore-induced changes in vegetative plant parts, plant-physiological mechanisms, and effects on plant-animal interactions have been intensively studied from species to community level. In contrast, we are just beginning to examine herbivore-induced effects on reproductive plant parts and flower-visitor interactions, especially in a community context. We investigated the effect of herbivory at different plant developmental stages on plant growth, floral and vegetative phenotype and reproduction in Sinapis arvensis (Brassicaceae). Additionally, we tested how herbivore-induced plant responses affect flower-visitor interactions and plant reproduction in species-rich communities.(...)

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