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How predation shaped fish : the impact of fin spines on body form evolution across teleosts [Royal Society Open Science]

Keywords : Teleostei, spines, body depth, body width, macroevolution, predation

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

It is well known that predators can induce morphological changes in some fish : individuals exposed to predation cues increase body depth and the length of spines. We hypothesize that these structures may evolve synergistically, as together, these traits will further enlarge the body dimensions of the fish that gape-limited predators must overcome. We therefore expect that the orientation of the spines will predict which body dimension increases in the presence of predators. Using phylogenetic comparative methods, we tested this prediction on the macroevolutionary scale across 347 teleost families, which display considerable variation in fin spines, body depth and width.(...)

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