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Hydrologic refugia, plants, and climate change [Global Change Biology]

Keywords : climate change, conservation, fog, groundwater, hydrologic niche, hydrologic refugia, microrefugia, refugia

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Climate, physical landscapes, and biota interact to generate heterogeneous hydrologic conditions in space and over time, which are reflected in spatial patterns of species distributions. As these species distributions respond to rapid climate change, microrefugia may support local species persistence in the face of deteriorating climatic suitability. Recent focus on temperature as a determinant of microrefugia insufficiently accounts for the importance of hydrologic processes and changing water availability with changing climate. Where water scarcity is a major limitation now or under future climates, hydrologic microrefugia are likely to prove essential for species persistence, particularly for sessile species and plants.(...)

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