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Jacquin Lisa

Equipe Ecologie Aquatique

MCF / Lecturer

Icone blog Site Personnel

Keywords : Evolutionary ecology, Host-parasite interactions, Eco-physiology, Eco-immunology, Life-history strategies, Aquatic ecology


I’m interested in how physiological processes constrain the evolution of adaptive responses to parasites and pollutants using birds and freshwater fishes as model species. I’m currently studying the evolution of syndromes (suites of interrelated traits) in aquatic ecosystems, with emphasis on immunity, behavior and coloration in freshwater fishes. The next step will be to investigate the ecological consequences of such physiological and behavioral variability for ecosystem functioning and pathogen spread in human-altered rivers and lakes.

More info on my website !

Teaching :

Biologie Animale L1
Anatomie Comparée L2
Zoologie L3
Ecologie Aquatique M1
Hydrobiologie M2