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Jargeat Patricia

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Icone telephone 33 (0)5 61 55 67 55

Maître de Conférences - Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse 3

Laboratoire EDB
bâtiment 4R1
118 route de Narbonne
31062 Toulouse



Interactions mutualistes plantes - champignons

  • La symbiose ectomycorhizienne : cas des aulnes et des champignons mycorhiziens associés
  • Une symbiose tripartite : Hirtella physophora (plante), Allomerus decemarticulatus (fourmi) et un champignon


Botanique, Mycologie, Biologie Végétale, Biologie des interactions plantes-microorganismes,
en Licence de Biologie des Organismes, des Populations et des Ecosystèmes (BOPE) et en Master d’Ecologie


Jargeat P, Chaumeton JP, Navaud O, Vizzini A, Gryta H. (2014). The Paxillus involutus (Boletales, Paxillaceae) complex in Europe : genetic diversity and morphological description of the new species Paxillus cuprinus, typification of P. involutus s.s. and synthesis of species boundaries. Fungal Biology 118 : 12-31

Roy M, Rochet J, Manzi S, Jargeat P, Gryta H, Moreau P-A, Gardes M. (2013) What determines Alnus-associated ectomycorrhizal community diversity and specificity ? A comparison of host and habitat effects at a regional scale. New Phytologist 198 : 1128-1238

Moreau P-A, Welti S, Perić B, Jargeat P, Manzi S, Vizzini A. (2013). Alpova komoviana (Boletales, Paxillaceae), a new sequestrate fungus from Montenegro, with a revised phylogeny of the genus in Europe. Mycological Progress 12 : 109-119

 Jargeat P, Martos F, Carriconde F, Gryta H, Moreau P-A, Gardes M. (2010). Phylogenetic species delimitation in ectomycorrhizal fungi and implications for barcoding : the case of the Tricholoma scalpturatum complex. Molecular Ecology 19 : 5216-5230

Ruiz-González MX, Malé PJG, Leroy C, Dejean A, Gryta H, Jargeat P, Quilichini A , Orivel J. (2011). Specific, non-nutritional association between an Ascomycete fungus and Allomerus plant-ants. Biology Letters 7 : 475-479  

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Isolation, free-living capacities and genome structure of Candidatus Glomeribacter gigasporarum, the endocellular bacteria of the mycorrhizal fungus Gigaspora margarita. Journal of Bacteriology 186 : 6876-6884
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