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Land use change in the Amazon rainforest favors generalist fungi [Functional Ecology]

Keywords : tropical rainforest, land use change, deforestation, fungal generalists, biotic homogenization

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.Land use change is a significant threat to biodiversity, particularly within tropical ecosystems, but the responses of microbial communities remain poorly understood.
2.We used long-term plots established in multiple land use types in the Brazilian Amazon to examine the effect of land use change on soil fungal communities. We measured fungal richness and composition and identified factors associated with shifts in community composition across multiple land use types, including primary forest, two secondary forests, and a chronosequence of differently-aged pastures. Additionally, we used distribution patterns to estimate the niche breadth of fungal taxa in order to quantify changes in the relative abundance of generalists, or fungi with broad environmental tolerance, in response to land use change.(...)

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