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Landscape simplification weakens the association between terrestrial producer and consumer diversity in Europe [Global Change Biology]

Keywords : coevolution, ecosystem resilience, functional traits, habitat loss, herbivory, host specialization, land-use change, phylogenetic diversity, plant–insect interactions, trophic associations

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Land-use change is one of the primary drivers of species loss, yet little is known about its effect on other components of biodiversity that may be at risk. Here, we ask whether, and to what extent, landscape simplification, measured as the percentage of arable land in the landscape, disrupts the functional and phylogenetic association between primary producers and consumers. Across seven European regions, we inferred the potential associations (functional and phylogenetic) between host plants and butterflies in 561 seminatural grasslands. Local plant diversity showed a strong bottom-up effect on butterfly diversity in the most complex landscapes, but this effect disappeared in simple landscapes.(...)

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