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Linking speciation to extinction : Diversification raises contemporary extinction risk in amphibians [Evolution Letters]

Keywords : amphibia, diversification, extinction risk, IUCN, peripatry, speciation rate, species longevity

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Many of the traits associated with elevated rates of speciation, including niche specialization and having small and isolated populations, are similarly linked with an elevated risk of extinction. This suggests that rapidly speciating lineages may also be more extinction prone. Empirical tests of a speciation-extinction correlation are rare because assessing paleontological extinction rates is difficult. However, the modern biodiversity crisis allows us to observe patterns of extinction in real time, and if this hypothesis is true then we would expect young clades that have recently diversified to have high contemporary extinction risk. Here, we examine evolutionary patterns of modern extinction risk across over 300 genera within one of the most threatened vertebrate classes, the Amphibia.(...)

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