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Lizards paid a greater opportunity cost to thermoregulate in a less heterogeneous environment [Functional Ecology]

Keywords : cost-benefit model, climate change, ectotherm, microclimate, energy budget, survival, performance, null model

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.The theory of thermoregulation has developed slowly, hampering efforts to predict how individuals can buffer climate change through behaviour. Mixed results of field and laboratory experiments underscore the need to test hypotheses about thermoregulation explicitly, while measuring costs and benefits in different thermal landscapes.
2.We simulated body temperature and energy expenditure of a virtual lizard that either thermoregulates optimally or thermoconforms in a landscape of either low or high quality (one or four basking sites, respectively). We then compare the predicted values in each landscape with the observed values for real lizards in experimental arenas.(...)

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