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Movement of feeder-using songbirds : the influence of urban features [Scientific Reports]

Keywords : animal migration, behavioural ecology, ecological modelling, ecosystem services, urban ecology

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Private gardens provide vital opportunities for people to interact with nature. The most popular form of interaction is through garden bird feeding. Understanding how landscape features and seasons determine patterns of movement of feeder-using songbirds is key to maximising the well-being benefits they provide. To determine these patterns we established three networks of automated data loggers along a gradient of greenspace fragmentation. Over a 12-month period we tracked 452 tagged blue tits Cyantistes caeruleus and great tits Parus major moving between feeder pairs 9,848 times, to address two questions : (i) Do urban features within different forms, and season, influence structural (presence-absence of connections between feeders by birds) and functional (frequency of these connections) connectivity ? (ii) Are there general patterns of structural and functional connectivity across forms ? (...)

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