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Nature and Age of Neighbours Matter : Interspecific Associations among Tree Species Exist and Vary across Life Stages in Tropical Forests [Plos One]

Keywords : Forests, Habitats, Trees, Forest ecology, Species interactions, Community assembly, Community ecology, Spatial and landscape ecology

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Detailed information about interspecific spatial associations among tropical tree species is scarce, and hence the ecological importance of those associations may have been underestimated. However, they can play a role in community assembly and species diversity maintenance. This study investigated the spatial dependence between pairs of species. First, the spatial associations (spatial attraction and spatial repulsion) that arose between species were examined. Second, different sizes of trees were considered in order to evaluate whether the spatial relationships between species are constant or vary during the lifetime of individuals. Third, the consistency of those spatial associations with the species-habitat associations found in previous studies was assessed. Two different tropical ecosystems were investigated : a montane cloud forest and a lowland moist forest.(...)

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