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Nectar chemistry modulates the impact of an invasive plant on native pollinators [Functional Ecology]

Keywords : invasive alien plants, multiple stressors, Rhododendron ponticum, secondary compounds, toxic nectar

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1.Invasive species are considered a main driver of pollinator declines, yet the direct effects of invasive alien plants on pollinators are poorly understood.
2.Abundant, invasive plant species can provide a copious nectar resource for native pollinators. However, the nectar of some plants contains secondary compounds, usually associated with defence against herbivores. The impacts of these compounds on pollinators are often unknown.
3.We compared how consumption of grayanotoxin I and III, natural secondary compounds in the nectar of invasive Rhododendron ponticum L., affected three native bee species : a honeybee, (Apis mellifera L.), a solitary mining bee (Andrena carantonica, Pérez) and a bumblebee, (Bombus terrestris, L.).(...)

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