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Next-generation monitoring of aquatic biodiversity using environmental DNA metabarcoding [Molecular Ecology]

Keywords : eDNA, amphibian, fish, detection probability, monitoring, wildlife management

by Frédéric Magné - published on

Global biodiversity in freshwater and the oceans is declining at high rates. Reliable tools for assessing and monitoring aquatic biodiversity, especially for rare and secretive species, are important for efficient and timely management. Recent advances in DNA sequencing have provided a new tool for species detection from DNA present into the environment. In this study, we tested if an environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding approach, using water samples, can be used for addressing significant questions in ecology and conservation. Two key aquatic vertebrate groups were targeted: amphibians and bony fish. The reliability of this method was cautiously validated in silico, in vitro, and in situ.(...)

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