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Thermal and moisture habitat preferences do not maximize jumping performance in frogs [Functional Ecology]

Keywords : amphibian, hydration, locomotion, temperature

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

1. Amphibians are suffering population declines globally, and understanding how environmental parameters influence their thermal and moisture preferences and performance at various tasks is crucial to understanding how these animals will be influenced by climate change.
2. Body temperature and hydration affect organismal performance at many fitness-related tasks. Since amphibians are ectotherms with highly water-permeable skin, environmental temperature and moisture directly affect their body temperature and hydration. Therefore, amphibians should select habitats with the optimal combination of temperature and moisture to perform tasks necessary for survival. However, interactions between environmental temperature and moisture can influence habitat selection and task performance in different and often unpredictable ways, and this has only infrequently been considered.(...)

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