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One species or four ? Yes !...and, no. Or, arbitrary assignment of lineages to species obscures the diversification processes of Neotropical fishes [PLOS One]

Keywords : species delimitation, mitochondrial DNA, phylogeography, taxonomy, evolutionary genetics, genetic loci, haplotypes, phylogenetic analysis

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Species are fundamental units in many biological disciplines, but there is continuing disagreement as to what species are, how to define them, and even whether the concept is useful. While some of this debate can be attributed to inadequate data and insufficient statistical frameworks in alpha taxonomy, an equal part results from the ambiguity over what species are expected to represent by the many who use them. Here, mtDNA data, microsatellite data, and sequence data from 17 nuclear loci are used in an integrated and quantitative manner to resolve the presence of evolutionary lineages, their contemporary and historical structure, and their correspondence to species, in a species complex of Amazonian peacock “bass” cichlids (Cichla pinima sensu lato).(...)

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