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Overcoming the Data Crisis in Biodiversity Conservation [TREE - Opinion]

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Diagnosing the conservation status of many species is hampered by insufficient data. Modern computer-intensive fitting methods make it possible to merge mechanistic models and population data on well-studied indicator species, extending the inferences we can make about their data-limited relatives.
Historically, assessments have used data from one population or species to create ad hoc proxy values for the life-history traits of relatives, but with modern Bayesian models we can share information in a standardized, coherent way.
Advances in understanding community ecology and life-history evolution can be incorporated into these models as priors, extending statistical power even when data are sparse.
These advances offer new possibilities for the rigorous assessment and protection of populations and species that previously have suffered from policy gaps created by insufficient data.(...)

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