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Parasitoid wasp usurps its host to guard its pupa against hyperparasitoids and induces rapid behavioral changes in the parasitized host [PLOS One]

Subject Areas : larvae, pupae, host-pathogen interactions, diet, parasitism, parasitic diseases, insects, moths and butterflies

par Frédéric Magné - publié le , mis à jour le

Some parasites have an ability to fabricate the behavior of their host and impel the host to guard parasites’ offspring, which is popularly called as bodyguard manipulation. Psalis pennatula larva parasitized by a braconid parasitoid wasp Microplitis pennatula exhibits some behavioral changes including the guarding of the parasitoid pupa from its natural enemies. We hypothesized that these behavioral change exhibited by the parasitized host larva are induced by the parasitoid and can be considered as an example of bodyguard manipulation.(...)

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