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Poison frog tadpoles seek parental transportation to escape their cannibalistic siblings [Journal of Zoology]

Keywords : begging behaviours, Dendrobatidae, cannibalism, sibling competition, parental care, Ranitomeya variabilis, poison frog, transportation

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Parental care is a limited resource which in many species is acquired by the offspring through begging behaviours and often causes competition between siblings. The Neotropical poison frog Ranitomeya variabilis provides a very specific form of parental care : because its tadpoles are cannibalistic males usually separate them from their siblings after hatching by transporting them singly to small water bodies. However, in some cases parents do not transport their tadpoles but let them all hatch into the same pool. Here, we investigate if abandoned tadpoles of R. variabilis actively seek parental care in form of transportation.(...)

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