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Postdoctorat position in community and ecosystem ecology – Toulouse, France

by Frédéric Magné - published on , updated on

Title: “Using stable isotope analyses to assess the relationships between food web structure, ecosystem functioning, and the good ecological status/potential”
Project leaders: J. CUCHEROUSSET (CNRS research scientist, EDB department) & A. LECERF (Assistant Professor, ECOLAB department).
Objectives: The ISOLAC project aims at using stable isotope analyses to understand freshwater ecosystem functioning and assess their ecological status. As part of this project, the successful candidate will analyse a stable isotope database quantifying the structure of benthic and pelagic food webs in lakes. The successful candidate will aim at i) quantifying the changes in the stable isotope structure of lake food webs along biotic and abiotic gradients and ii) determining the best stable isotope metrics for assessing the ecological status of these ecosystems. Through the analyses of this stable isotope dataset, the successful candidate will also search for mechanisms linking community structure to ecosystem function and those controlling the temporal and spatial stability of food web structure and dynamics
Diploma : Completed Ph.D. in community and/or ecosystem ecology (less than 3 years).
Required skills: Statistical analyses; database handling; quantitative ecology; background in theoretical ecology, notably in community and ecosystem ecology; knowledge on stable isotope ecology; experience in ecological modelling. Good publication records. French language not mandatory.
Start: March 2015.
Contract duration: 12 months.
Salary: 2231 Euros Brut.
Location: Laboratoire EDB, Evolution et Diversite Biologique, UMR 5174 CNRS/UPS/ENFA, 118 route de Narbonne, 31062 Toulouse cedex, France
Closing date for application: 23th December 2014
Application: Send a detailed CV, a cover letter and two recommendation letters by email to J. Cucherousset ( and A. Lecerf ( Interview with selected applicants will take place in early January 2015 (first two weeks).
Additional information: Email ( et and/or visit the following websites:
Project :