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  • Diaz, A., Aka Amoin, M. & Gibernau, M. 2006. Isolating mechanisms in Arum (Araceae). Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 150, 323-328.
  • Fréchette, B., Dixon, A. F. G., Alauzet, C., Boughenou, N. & Hemptinne, J. - L. 2006. Should aphidophagous ladybirds be reluctant to lay eggs in the presence of unsuitable prey? Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 118, 121-127.
  • Gevrey, M., Dimopoulos, I. & Lek, S. 2006. A two-way interaction of input variables in an artificial neural network model. Ecological Modelling, 195, 43-50.
  • Gevrey, M., Worner, S. P., Kasabov, N., Pitt, J. & Giraudel, J. L. 2006. Estimating Risk of Events Using SOM Models: A Case Study on invasive species establishment. Ecological Modelling, 197, 361-372.
  • Gevrey, M. & Worner, S. P. 2006. Prediction of global distribution of insect pest species in relation to climate using an ecological informatics method. Journal of Economic Entomology, 99, 1-8.
  • Goossens, B., Chikhi, L., Ancrenaz, M., Lackman-Ancrenaz, I., Andau, P. & Bruford, M. W. 2006. Genetic signature of Anthropogenic Population collapse in Orang-utans. PLoS Biology, 4, 285-291.
  • Goossens, B., Setchell, J. S., James, S. M., Funk, S., Chikhi, L., Abulani, A., Ancrenaz, M., Lackman-Ancrenaz, I. & Bruford, W. M. 2006. Philopatry and reproductive success in Bornean orang-utans (Pongo pygmaeus). Molecular Ecology, 15, 2577-2588.
  • Grenier, M., Campeau, S., Lavoie, I., Park, Y. S. & Lek, S. 2006. Diatom reference communities in Québec streams (Canada) based on Kohonen self-organizing maps and multivariate analyses. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 63, 2087-2106.
  • Grossman, G. D., Ratajczak, R. E., Petty, J. T., Hunter, M. D., Peterson, J. T. & Grenouillet, G. 2006. Population dynamics of Mottled Sculpin (Pisces) in a variable environment: Information theoretic approaches. Ecological Monographs, 76, 234-234.
  • Gryta, H., Carriconde, F., Charcosset, J. Y., Jargeat, P. & Gardes, M. 2006. Population dynamics of the ectomycorrhizal fungal species Tricholoma populinum and Tricholoma scalpturatum associated with black poplar under differing environmental conditions. Environmental Microbiology, 8, 773-786.
  • Gutierrez, A. P., Adamczyk, J. J. J., Ponsard, S. & Ellis, C. K. 2006. A physiologically based demographic model of Bt cotton-pest interactions: II. Bollworm-defoliator-natural enemy interactions. Ecological Modelling, 191, 360-382.
  • Gutierrez, A. P. & Ponsard, S. 2006. A physiologically based demographic model of Bt cotton-pest interactions: I. Pink bollworm resistance, refuges and risk. Ecological Modelling, 191, 346-359.
  • Heeb, P. 2006. Behavioral ecology of bird-bacteria interactions. Journal of Ornithology, 147, 35-35, Suppl. 1.
  • Khammes, N., Lek, S. & Aulagnier, S. 2006. Identification biometrique des deux especes sympatriques de souris Mus musculus domesticus et Mus spretus en Kabylie du Djurdjura (Algerie). Revue Suisse de Zoologie, 113, 411-419.
  • Klempa, B., Fichet-Calvet, E., Lecompte, E., Auste, B., Aniskin, V., Meisel, H., Denys, C., Koivogui, L., ter Meulen, J. & Krüger, D. H. 2006. First Indigenous African Hantavirus Detected in African Wood Mouse (Hylomyscus simus), Guinea. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 12, 838-840.
  • Lalis, A., Lecompte, E., Cornette, R., Moulin, S., Machangu, R., Makundi, R., Aniskine, V. & Denys, C. 2006. Polymorphism of age structure of two wild Mastomys natalensis (Rodentia: Muridae) Tanzanian populations: a multicriteria comparison. Mammalia, 70, 293-299.
  • Laubertie, E., Martini, X., Cadena, C., Treilhou, M., Dixon, A. F. G. & Hemptinne, J. - L. 2006. The immediate source of the oviposition-deterring pheromone produced by larvae of Adalia bipunctata (L.) (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae). Journal of Insect Behavior, 19, 231-240.
  • Laurance, W. F., Nascimento, H. E. M., Laurance, S. G., Andrade, A., Ribeiro, J. E. L. S., Giraldo, J. P., Lovejoy, T. E., Condit, R., Chave, J., Harms, K. E. & D'Angelo, S. 2006. Rapid decay of tree-community composition in Amazonian forest fragments. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 103, 19010-19014.
  • Lecompte, E., Fichet-Calvet, E., Daffis, S., Koulémou, K., Sylla, O., Kourouma, F., Doré, A., Soropogui, B., Aniskine, V., Allali, B., Kouassi Kan, S., Lalis, A., Koivogui, L., Günther, S., Denys, C. & ter Meulen, J. 2006. Mastomys natalensis and Lassa fever, West Africa. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 12, 1971-1974.
  • Leniaud, L., Audiot, P., Bourguet, D., Genestier, G., Frérot, B., Lee, S. F., Malausa, T., Le Pallec, A. - H., Souqual, M. - C. & Ponsard, S. 2006. Genetic structure of European and Mediterranean maize borers on several wild and cultivated host plants. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata, 120, 51-62.
  • Leprieur, F., Hickey, M. A., Arbuckle, C. J., Closs, G. P., Brosse, S. & Townsend, C. R. 2006. Hydrological disturbance benefits a native fish at the expense of an exotic fish. Journal of Applied Ecology, 43, 930-939.
  • Malhi, Y., Wood, D., Baker, T. R., Wright, J., Phillips, O. L., Cochrane, T., Meir, P., Chave, J., Almeida, S., Arroyo, L., Higuchi, N., Killeen, Y. J., Laurance, S. G., Laurance, W. F., Lewis, S. L., Monteagudo, A., Neill, D. A., Nunez, P. V., Pitman, N. C. A., Quesada, C. A., Salomao, R., Silva, J. N. M., Lezama, A. T., Terborgh, J., Vasquez, R. M. & Vinceti, B. 2006. The regional variation of above-ground live biomass in old-growth Amazonian forests. Global Change Biology, 12, 1107-1138.
  • Moreau, P. A., Peintner, U. & Gardes, M. 2006. Phylogeny of the ectomycorrhizal mushroom genus Alnicola (Basidiomycota, Cortinariaceae) based on rDNA sequences with special emphasis on host specificity and morphological characters. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 38, 794-807.
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