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  • Minaya, M., Hackel, J., Namaganda, M., Brochmann, C., Vorontsova, M. S., Besnard, G. & Catalán, P. 2017. Contrasting dispersal histories of broad- and fine-leaved temperate Loliinae grasses: range expansion, founder events, and the roles of distance and barriers. Journal of Biogeography, 44, 1980-1993.

  • Kocher, A., De Thoisy, B., Catzeflis, F., Valiere, S., Bañuls, A. - L. & Murienne, J. 2017. iDNA screening: disease vectors as vertebrate samplers. Molecular Ecology,

  • Leclaire, S., Bourret, V. & Bonadonna, F. 2017. Blue petrels recognize the odor of their egg. Journal of Experimental Biology, 220, 3022-3025.

  • Massi, K. G., Bird, M., Marimon, B. S., Marimon, B. H., Nogueira, D. S., Oliveira, E. A., Phillips, O. L., Quesada, C. A., Andrade, A. S., Brienen, R. J. W., Camargo, J. L. C., Chave, J., Honorio Coronado, E. N., Ferreira, L. V., Higuchi, N., Laurance, S. G., Laurance, W. F., Lovejoy, T., Malhi, Y., Martínez, R. V., Monteagudo, A., Neill, D., Prieto, A., Ramírez-Angulo, H., ter Steege, H., Vilanova, E. & Feldpausch, T. R. 2017. Does soil pyrogenic carbon determine plant functional traits in Amazon Basin forests? PLANT ECOLOGY, 218, 1047-1062.

  • Schwob, G., Roy, M., Manzi, S., Pommier, T. & Fernandez, M. P. 2017. Green alder Alnus viridis encroachment shapes microbial communities in subalpine soils and impacts its bacterial or fungal symbionts differently: Green alder encroachment. Environmental Microbiology, 19, 3235-3250.

  • Cilleros, K., Allard, L., Vigouroux, R. & Brosse, S. 2017. Disentangling spatial and environmental determinants of fish species richness and assemblage structure in Neotropical rainforest streams. Freshwater Biology, 62, 1707-1720.
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