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Range expansion and retraction along a moving contact zone has no effect on the genetic diversity of two passerine birds [Ecography]

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Disentangling the factors shaping species distributions remains a central goal in biogeography, ecology and evolutionary biology. The extrinsic pressures that may facilitate range shifts, such as climatic factors or biotic interactions are well known. However, in contrast, the possible intrinsic factors are manifold and hard to generalize across taxa. Recently, several theoretical studies have investigated the consequences of moving range borders on genetic diversity. However, empirical studies that support or refute these theoretical predictions are scarce. Moving contact zones between parapatric sister species are suitable models to test these hypotheses. Changes in genetic diversity can be tested simultaneously along the expanding and receding edges of two species of the contact zone while accounting for intra-specific effects (e.g. introgression).(...)

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