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Reconsidering plant memory : Intersections between stress recovery, RNA turnover, and epigenetics [Science Advances]

Keywords : RNA metabolism, gene silencing, epigenetics, DNA methylation, RNA turnover, abiotic stress, plants, arabidopsis, stress recovery, plant memory

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Plants grow in dynamic environments where they can be exposed to a multitude of stressful factors, all of which affect their development, yield, and, ultimately, reproductive success. Plants are adept at rapidly acclimating to stressful conditions and are able to further fortify their defenses by retaining memories of stress to enable stronger or more rapid responses should an environmental perturbation recur. Indeed, one mechanism that is often evoked regarding environmental memories is epigenetics. Yet, there are relatively few examples of such memories ; neither is there a clear understanding of their duration, considering the plethora of stresses in nature. We propose that this field would benefit from investigations into the processes and mechanisms enabling recovery from stress.(...)

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