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Resolving rapid dynamics of soil–plant–atmosphere interactions [New Phytologist]

Keywords : climate change, deciduous trees, ecohydrology, ecosystem productivity, global water cycle, plant roots, soil–plant–atmosphere interactions, stable isotopes

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Water is the main driver of ecosystem productivity in most terrestrial ecosystems worldwide. The predicted increase in rainfall variability and extreme climatic events under future climate conditions are therefore anticipated to strongly affect plant and ecosystem functioning. As 55–70% of terrestrial evapotranspirational water loss is directly controlled by plants (Schlesinger & Jasechko, 2014), transpiration comprises the largest water flux from Earth’s continents, creating a dominant force in the global water cycle. Plant transpiration is controlled by the availability of soil water and root uptake from different soil depths, transport velocities in the xylem, and transpirational water loss through stomates during photosynthesis driven by the atmospheric demand (leaf-to-air water vapour deficit), and the species-specific sensitivity of stomatal control of water loss.(...)

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