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Resource partitioning and functional diversity of worldwide freshwater fish communities [Ecosphere]

Julien Cucherousset

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

Despite significant progress in recent years, understanding the rules governing the assembly of natural communities is still challenging and knowledge of how the integration of nonnative species may disrupt community structure and function is needed. To address this challenge, we collated stable isotope data for 159 freshwater fish communities around the world with and without nonnative species and quantified spatial variation in both community isotopic functional diversity and intraspecific variation in species niches. Using a null model and partial least squares path analysis, we then evaluated how the interplay between abiotic (historical, energetic, climatic, habitat size) and biotic (niche segregation) factors shape community structure and functional diversity, and how these relationships have changed, and with what consequences, in the presence of nonnative species.(...)

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