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Restless roosts : Light pollution affects behavior, sleep, and physiology in a free-living songbird [Global Change Biology]

Keywords : activity, artificial light, great tit, haptoglobin, malaria, oxalic acid, telomeres

par Frédéric Magné - publié le

The natural nighttime environment is increasingly polluted by artificial light. Several studies have linked artificial light at night to negative impacts on human health. In free-living animals, light pollution is associated with changes in circadian, reproductive, and social behavior, but whether these animals also suffer from physiologic costs remains unknown. To fill this gap, we made use of a unique network of field sites which are either completely unlit (control), or are artificially illuminated with white, green, or red light. We monitored nighttime activity of adult great tits, Parus major, and related this activity to within-individual changes in physiologic indices.(...)

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